“Loophole In The Heart”


The Arrow of vile archer has pierced my heart

Shall I now compare this bleak to the end of time?

But could you have put out to this leach

Without a note of farewell on our buddy bench?

O! Where am I?

Surprise had beaten the strongest, am I blameworthy?


Until we meet again at that tunnel end dear Mena

I shall light your path with black candle till your relics rottens

So, forever without doubt know, that I endure this demise in pains

But still knit this slit in the castle wall of our love to preserve

Although suckled by porous bleeding heart

That filters slowly my mournful psyche away

Yet, I cinture the trace of your image to deified till the air at Bay


I know that this prosody I chant sinks in deaf ears

Because everytime I see your apprition in the sun

Walking down that silent windy Dale

I summon death like spirits

And countless times I stretch akin to dab your rear apparel

Kissing space in pretty tale

But feel through empty clouds in sunken distress


Now I feel ache throb my heart

Now I feel death drink my joy

But when death will walk me closely

And once again, I a shadow to cross the sky

I shall walk the dead aisle with daffodils

Following where my elf spirit please to wipe thy tears

And whisper, mother, I miss thee.

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