Meet Tina Carey

Before she became fire, she was water. Quenching the thirst of every dying creature. She gave and gave until she turned from sea to desert.


Instead of dying of the heart, the sadness, or the heartache. She took all the pain and from her own ashes.

She became fire!🔥

– Nikita Gill




We will continue to fail as humans if we don’t have life transfusions. Engaging in conversations about mental health, drug addiction, suicide awareness, and many other topics that are overlooked. I am a fierce advocate for people who want to speak their truth. I speak mine through storytelling and poetry.

It is my destiny to share my poetry “my truth”  to as many people as possible.

There is a peace I get from uplifting and encouraging others as they wander along this journey with me.

When I decided create this Journal, I wanted to have a platform of freedom, creativity, love and light!


Tina has been published by “Call and Response Journal, Athena Review, Anti-herion Chick, Poetic Pill  Blog, Poetic Medicine, The Voices Project, Poetica Review, and Ghost Heart Journal, MadHouse Press and many others. 

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