The jungle norms tonight came

With canonades of wounds

Because the soul who left his stead

At dawn,

Had lost an eye at dusk

The eye of the earth mourns this blood

Drawn by a foe’s arrowhead


So the rituals couldn’t hold

For the earth never drinks from the blood of his blood;

Then, unusual hush hurled

By the gray feet of the shrine

Oblivion had withered the forest stalks

And betrayed the wind’s whispers to the birches;

A premedited flood swallows not

The only leg of a cripple!


When at first the foes’ bayonets

Duressed the night in variegated voices

The elephants eloped, gabbing their pride beneath a mortise,

And the creeps lost their limbs

To ward their liable skulls


The thick night groaned from the pang of raid

Mouths trembled by the echoe of barrels

The hills burnt by the ashes of fear

From unhloy massacres of flesh and blood

The sky waited in vein for a flash of thunder and rain

But the air heard a bizzare tragedy

And the moon hid its roving eyes

From the new flute which heralded sad and horrible tune

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