Meet Mary P.M. Toohey:

A lover of words, people, salt, sand, and life, Mary has cherished reading, writing, and studying language for many decades. From her early days in newspaper editing and creative writing, to her highly successful career in Marketing and PR, Mary has used words to invoke, inspire, and promote feelings in humans.

Feelings that force thought and sometimes action.

She now spends time working and writing with her girl-group at Unique Poetry and continuing her marketing career while constantly feeling inferior to her 19-year-old singer-songwriter daughter, her magazine-cover-worthy 73 lb. Goldendoodle “puppy” Oliver, and her Runner-Cycler (3rd) Husband who always beats her every week in their step challenge.

Mary writes about life from her own Unique perspective, which is why she loves being a co-founder and editor at Unique Poetry. She weaves humor, sarcasm and wit through her stories of pain, loss, and love in a way that paints soulful landscapes and deeply moving portraits of her life and the lives of those she loves. Surviving a lot of unhealthy versions of “love” at a young age, being a widow, surviving cancer, and fighting daily to keep her family sane (and some times in and sometimes out of locked-down facilities) – all before the age of 40 – has given her notebooks full of material. Material that she now is only just beginning to learn how to share.   


Slowly Burning

The pain rises like a fresh blister from an oven rack.

Startling me with intensity.

What a stupid mistake.

How did that happen?

I was staring the danger right in the face.

Now it’s searing my skin.

Not enough to be visible – but just enough so that I can imagine

what a worse version might cause.

Just like your blows did.

Never in the wrong place

Or seen by the naked eye.

Unless I was naked.

Is the burning feeling really pain or just embarrassment and shame?

I guess I deserve that.

I am no fool.

I know when you place bare skin against raging fire, bad things happen.

But I let you happen.

To Me…

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