it’s my heart that’s scarred


i am my own person

& yet i struggle

wrestle with the idea if i deserve


or will i forever wear the scar of

a woman born of violence?


i want to believe that i am more

than my father’s sin,

and that the world needs me;


but do they need me?

am i just deluding myself in thinking this?


if every voice matters,

why do i feel that i cannot speak

my truth?

i am so tired of people trying to silence me

so i keep most of my words

to myself,


no one can reject you if you reject

them first;

and i bury myself in the trees,

gardens, wildflowers, and creeks of my heart

to avoid having to be met with shame;


i am zuko

searching for my honor

without a scarred eye,

it’s my heart that’s scarred instead.







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