nature’s healing hands

as i step into the creek

the water strips away all the aching

with her healing hands,

leaving me barren of all my wounds;

as if i have never been scarred—

when i stand in nature

i know peace and tranquility

people cannot give me

with all their push and pull

always wanting to take,

but never wanting to give;

and i am exhausted of lifting up those

who would just leave me behind when

they got bored—

i’ve fed mouths that later

bit me,

and to be quite honest

i am sick of bleeding

for humanity;

i want humans that have my back

those that speak my language

who appreciate my talents and gifts without

thinking i owe them something in return—

but the trees and the wildflowers and the creeks,

the ocean and the sun and the moon,

and all the animals of the forest

give me compassion humans never have.





the light in me

asked people

what color

i was,

and my grandmother

said that i was the rainbow

of her light;

and it made me cry

happy tears

because so often i have

only seen my negatives and my flaws—

people like to rub it in

my face

that i’m not perfect,

and they have always told me

every way they thought i was flawed;

and even i believe their lies


trapped in the darkness

it is hard for me to see my true


i was glad someone could see

the light in me because sometimes

all i can see is the darkness.


i am an ocean

bathed in moonlight

i feel like a



a secret magic

shimmering softly silver

in a world

that only recognizes



but the moon is my mother

i always feel my power

shine the brightest light

in the darkness;


because when push comes to shove

i am a warrior of light

always pushing past the struggle—


life is tough,

but so i am i;


unrelenting, passionate, fierce

i know i intimidate others sometimes

with the intensity and power of my magic

and my dreams—


i won’t water myself down

to make themselves comfortable


i am an ocean: use caution when you swim.



Poet Bio: Linda M. Crate’s works have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. She is the author of six poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is: More Than Bone Music (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, March 2019). She has also authored two micro-collections, and two full length poetry collections.

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