Bopping along to Cyndi Lauper

traversing the empty San Bernardino freeway

Echo & the Bunnymen

Psychedelic Furs

one-hit wonder Kajagoogoo

gated reverb whips the air

I fly

onto the 605 North transition

traffic is light

my heart soars

above palm trees and industrial sites.

I drive an hour out of the city

avoiding narrow aisles and snaking queues

virus numbers climbing

exponentially everywhere

there is no escape from that.

I don mask and gloves

frenzied supermarket sweep

race back to the car

groceries dumped

gloves stripped

hands sanitized

mask removed

Motels are on

sultry Martha Davis intoxicates

and suddenly it’s last summer

a place for a moment

an end to a dream.

Reality mercifully suspended

my heart lightens

even for a moment.

After all

girls just want to have fun.



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