Thou art thy


Verse 1

Make room for the bewildered

And anticipated trust is what it is

You asked for a coin but she gave a bread

Yet you refuse her proposal and claimed

you were right

But betrayal is what you refuse to call it

Remember she waited so long, just to hold you

The gossips heard the rumor too

It was a jest and folly with a full ride of shame

And then her pitiful tune was danced to

After your painful works.

Verse 2

Her days are modified with peace

Woman! You win

But you do not know that your presence carries a bell

Everyone wakes to the loud voice of your strength

You wake early to water the plants and eat from

the vine

Your seeds become ripe fruits

Because you knew exactly where to plant them

“All I want is a piece of me,” You say

You yearn for love and admiration

But its o.k., it’s not too much to ask?

Verse 3

You can’t be priced, remember

Look beyond the mountains and deep seas

See the brightness of the sun

Behold the rainy cloud and the tiny droplet

Eat from the cattle heed

Feed the chicks

Call it an achievement

And never lose your worth.

Verse 4

Your blessings are far and beyond, your biddings too

A ceremonious and divergent discord weighed

on a tray

Eagles ride, it’s all being told

And a Well done! It is

You walk on a hill and try to soar

Looking far above your root and flaws

You’re never satisfied at your status

And so you fight and conquer more territories.

Verse 5

There’s an insider and her opinion counts

She’s a huge success and so she must be celebrated

Remain silent and watch the sea troll on its master

The roaring waters, the oceans also

Who are thy accomplice?

A theme that fell on green lands

No wonder you shine even when moved

Please keep holding up, never let go.

Verse 6

“I can’t continue on my lawful pace.” you tell the

man on a hat

I’ve looked everywhere, even at Brees and Hariss

But enough can be said now about hidden virtues and


They are full and so move in packs

You fear losses, but it cost nothing to fight and keep your treasures

Please tell the woman in the colored scarf that she’d reign,

in due season

She only needs to be calm and watch the city built on her

Bring forth a glory.



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