“If I Ever die”


If I ever die, may the eyes that see bedew not for me

But let the earth know with a resonating gunfire

And let my departing soul bemoaned

With smiling faces by the rest

Because I am a poet who healed the world to my best

And my loin will long to return

For demise a progressional over turn;


If I am drowned by hungry tide

May the waters never mist with its banks;

May there be no rumour of sorrow wide

Because I am a Fisherman who bait fish to tanks;

My loin will long to return

For demise a progressional over turn


If I ever fall from a Toddy palm

And Pierce my belly on a spike,

May there be no weeping of the funeral pyre

For I am a tapper whose savouring sap never tasted bile

So, my loin will long to return

For demise, a progressional over turn


If I ever die in war front

Weep not, I was gallant to the marrow

But box me up with my amour and tie my lips with strand of frond

Because I died for the people will remember this till morrow


If I must die in my creaking bamboo bed

May this expedition begin with the early chirp of a bird

Let the ear that hear shout not

For by twilight, a long line of fire will knot


And zoom down the silent path

Then, my shadow will walk by the cloud through the moon that hunts

Curse not the cloud, I am the moon that early returns

I am but a Potter’s clay

In burrow, by the riverside my ruins lay

Waiting for remold


I am the blacksmith’s iron

By the fire stead

Waiting to be reforged

For our demise is but a sojourn


But if there be death leave on my name

Or a rope around my neck, weep for me

For the end is come, jopardy is sad, it’s blown

And hell is call


Weep for my wandering wraith

Mutilate my tarso

And dump my remains at evil forest

To decay for vultures talons


May there be no funeral or flute

That set the path through which the deceased embark

I tell no immaculate falsehood

We are immortal mankind

That really never die,

But if we ever die, we either return or eternally  undead.other, I missed you.

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