for the #EndSars protest in Nigeria

We march unabashed
raising the placards in our hands
above our heads to display the tears
in our heart.
to display the police killing
of our sisters and brothers
hurts us and we fear our mothers
will die of stroke if they can’t find us
since in this country police fire bullets
like they are in the forest hunting games
and if the bullet plug itself into a body
it get tossed into a river.

We march to the streets
with anger on our faces,
not against bad healthcare,
poor education and darkness – which we do not have,
but begging vapid leaders
we want to live.

We marched peacefully
protesting grotesque governance
our vile leaders rather see
our protest ground turn to a red sky
with ammunitions piercing our gentle bodies
rather than our good wishes come true.
& they killed poor Jimoh Isaiq
rather than provide him with an education
that is cured from epilepsy.

For how long will these gruesome poli-trick-cians
of our motherland continue to feed our bodies
bullet for using the power in our voices?

Stray bullet will plug itself
in our heart
& police will claim accidental discharge
while our mothers cry
as our bodies are tossed inside mud
deep into god-swollen foot
if we do not emancipate from fears
of dying for change.