“Flowers’ Petal”


Before a jucud bird chirps to the earth in an orchard

There is nectar drop on blossomed perianth upon flower stalk


Have you seen through a man’s heart before?

It’s garbed in compassionate love webs and coloured with delimma


That sometimes all he wants is a weak shoulder for strength

And sometimes he wishes this blunder page be shot herefore


But emotion drives the heart to follow

I have been drowned in the burrow


Therefore, to doubt the power of love is to doubt all

I am a poet who sing like a loverbird

I only thirst for the love that defeats all


If you were a love in a puff flower

I would pluck thy gords just to feed a mayor


But you are a petal so precious and comely

Petal oh petal let me take thou home

To flower thee in my royal vase


Let my passionate eye charm around this dote

As you cursely peruse through this vow note


If there ever be tears of sorrow, my arm shall be thy hanker to wipe

Let the morning sun atest to this with smiling beam


Let the tide spread ripples to the shore

To tell the world how I won your whole


Until the day I shall walk down the waterfall

May my heart be the soft craddle which you fall


Be my shadow so I will never walk without you by my side

And even though we die, may the epitaph on our graves

Recap our vows

So that posterity will say, this was the love that never died.


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