I Came To The River Because You Said That You Needed Me Or Because I Was Planning To Drown

He threw her over the side. Legend had it.
Forty feet down into the
cold shock of death. We went there
sometimes. To fuck.
Warm bodies pressed against damp stone.

Turn around, you whispered, and I peered
over the edge as
you came in me from behind. It would be so easy.
To fall. A quick push. Small slip. On the ledge,

I pushed your head down until the
stubble of your chin scraped my thighs. This is
the last time, I told you, and you nodded.
I mean it, I said, as my fingertips traced your hair.
Warmth of your mouth. Heat of my abdomen.
Shiver through my spine.

I leaned back, body arcing over the water,
and released.