after viewing Little Women
feel good film
fast-tracked her back on skates
to her girlhood believings –
she could write
climb harum scarum
love excitedly
find a flawed sweetheart-friend
with good judgement
and fierce passion
to share perverse perfection –

coming out into the night air
she did feel good until
next day she read beyond
reams of widely printed
mainstream praise
other reviewers
one or two sussed women
who made clear
what dangers lurk
in dancing skirts
and sentimental sisters
who air-brush feminism
make us all heroines
or else secret creatures
feeding off dreams
of handsome men
then she felt a traitor
her feel-good flopped
as she mourned her fictions



Note: Little Women film by writer-director Greta Gerwig 2019, after Louisa May Alcott’s novel of that name

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