Your shouts still flow through
Burning whole of me from within
Your threats lash me up even when
I know I am rescued and free
Your hands pulling my hair
Make me tie a bun even to this day
Your menacing glare that dried up my soul
Returns to haunt like a mad stalker on bail
I know I am far away from you
And out of your personal hell
That a fresh phase awaits me
And life has new stories to tell
But at times past flows through such that
It turns to ash, my heart, soul and mind
And leaves no hopes no dreams behind






A writer and an artist, Ankita Sharma resides in India. She has authored four titles and her poetry has been published in anthologies such as the BRAG Magazine (UK), Versification Zine, Kingzdaily and Lakdi Ka Pul-II and III. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international books. Her latest novel ‘The Linear Tide’ is on Amazon worldwide.
Quite happy being a daydreamer, an over-thinker and a misfit, she posts her works on Instagram @ankita.s.26 and opinions on twitter @AnkitaSharma_26